What Do You Think?

Well, I guess you’re thinking, what is he about to write about.  Thinking!

I’ve always been a person who pretty much spend more time than I should thinking about things.  Maybe need a life or something.  I do have a life like most of us do.  But what kind of life is what we spend a lot of time thinking about.  Right?

You know you’re born and you born to these parents.  Some of them may be Ok, cool and some may be pretty messed up.  The worst of this is that they may impart more of their bad crap on you than their good crap.

Of all the bad crap I got from my Father, I got some good crap! Wisdom! This is pretty standard in what we get from parents if you’re lucky.

My Father told me not to take in too much from other people, no matter what they say or believe.  Think for yourself!

I have applied this to politics, economics, social and justice issues in my life.  I don;t take in too much from blacks or whites.  I look at things and I think about them and decide what I believe.  Not what you think and believe, but what I think and believe.

Albert Einstein wrote this famous quote that I embrace ” When everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking”!

So when you read my stuff, keep in mind that I’m not writing from what other people think, but from what I think! I’m thinking all the time.  You should to!




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