Give Back To The Communities, Right!

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“Give Back To The Community”

First, this has been one of the most common statements made by blacks, that just doesn’t make any sense to me at all.  Secondly, many people who make this statement are usually making it for the opposite reason, ” to take out of the community as much as they can”.

I have to admit that I don’t even know where this statement came from but have heard it enough to make me gag.  It seems like another cliche we used for every problem we encounter in our society.   All you can hear from black politicians, community leaders, business owners and a list of other characters when presented with something to say about our terrible condition or plight, this is their most used quote “We Need To Give Back To The Community”.  Nothing original, creative or current at all.  Nothing concrete!

I think the real behind this issue is that many Blacks are not interested in giving back to the community.  As a matter of fact, many have been desperately trying to get out of these communities, others are trying to get something out of these communities and the rest just have plan apathy for these communities.

If there were ever a real commitment to giving back to the communities, god knows these communities would not still today suffer the worst statistics on every level in every category that has to do with a better life.

But The Question

The question you should ask yourself is “what is giving back”?  If you were to ask any person who makes this statement about giving back, many couldn’t even provide a really solid answer. And worse of all, if you were to ask them what were they actually doing concretely to give back to these communities, you would come upon dead silence.

The fact is that “this giving back” term is not used by any other group but us when it comes to our community. Why?  Because no other groups other than blacks are preyed upon and used up by every single group in this country, including our own people.

Yep, that’s right.

In all of this “Giving Back”,  ( Which does not exist by the way ), what is the net effect of all of this giving back?

There should be some evidence!  Any evidence!  Do you watch CSI.


These communities have the worse schools, worse housing, dirtiest neighborhoods, highest crime rate, lowest paying jobs, highest poverty rate and worse health conditions than any other communities.   Read Complicit or Self Inflicted! And with more blacks politicians ( mayors, council members, legislators, community leaders ) black principals, teachers, administrators, black business owners, black lawyers and the thousands of black churches that dot all over these communities, where is the giveback.

Again, where is the evidence?

Don’t you think that if anyone, and I mean anyone who were actually interested in “giving back” and have “given back” where it counts to these communities, our conditions in our neighborhoods would not be as hopeless?

The churches failed us the most!

At one time, there were literally hundreds of churches in various Philadelphia communities, collecting offerings and tithes from tens of thousands of blacks. The men and women who lead these churches didn’t see fit to put one single dime back into the community  they served to improve the lives of  people in those communities where it counts.

How do I know?

Well, put your glasses on and look at the decades of decline of the communities these churches were in.  As they watch the slow decay of the very communities around them, they, nor their members saw fit to invest in the communities. Why?  Because the pastors and the members who could actually invest were only interested in taking what money they could give back to the communities out of these communities.  They were interested only in moving out of the communities they were in and taking their money to their new communities.

Not only were they not “giving back” they were giving forward. When they moved to their new communities, they shop at their stores, put clothes in their cleaners, had their automobile serviced and supported many of the businesses in the community.  Now they still could have given back to the communities they left, but something else had occurred. They developed the same attitudes toward the people left in those communities as others have held for so long against them. Oh, they don’t want to work, they don’t know how to act and all of this became the blabbering from so many blacks who thought they had moved up.

You remember the Jefferson, “Moving On Up”

So what happened next is that other people moved their businesses into these communities and started providing services and products to the people. As  this process expanded this new group of business owners began to take even more out of the communities, while blacks who had moved out felt vindicated.

Got out just in time!

This is our own mess, our own making that we can only blame ourselves for.  Those communities that we abandoned have found new investments from other people, and as a result of this, many houses that we had abandon are now selling for six figures, and other people have created a business climate that is thriving on the economics of people who stayed.

This could have been us!  But those of us who had moved up, instead of taking care of these communities and investing in them, we walked away and watch them decline to a rot. Now we sit and watch others come into these same communities and start the process of rebuilding them and building economic power.

Billions in real estate that we abandon and billions in businesses that we never started.

This is a quote that the people who attend church and church leaders should be well knowledgeable of, “God takes away from you, that which you don’t take care of”!

And this applies also to the secular world!

Al Roche



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