What Comes First, The Chicken or The Egg When It Comes To Black Businesses?

Which comes first chicken or egg
What I mean is that when it comes to creating the black businesses in our communities, what must come first, the businesses or the consumers. It’s a tough one to answer. Let’s think about it like this, if for some reason, you already have the egg, which would be the black consumers, then all you would have to do is wait until the egg hatch a chick, which would be black business and walla.

But it’s not that simple.

Black businesses complain that black consumers don’t support them. Black consumers complain that there are not enough black businesses in the community to meet their needs and, they are right. If they need a loaf of bread, a quart of milk or a pair of socks, they won’t be purchasing these things from black businesses.

So should black entrepreneurs step up to the plate? Absolutely! The market is there but it’s spending billions somewhere else.

In Our Communities

If you were to visit any major city area where the population is predominately black, you can be assured that the businesses in those communities are not owned by blacks.
So what do black consumers do?  They’re shopping in stores not only owned by whites, but Asian’s, Latinos, Russians and other immigrants who see the value in providing products and services to blacks, right in their neighborhood.

Now the question you have to ask yourself is why!

There could be a number of excuses, but none are a valid reason.

  • We don’t have enough money
  • We can’t get loans

There’s A More Sinister Reason

You see when you take a walk through any major corridor, what you’ll find is something that will make your stomach turn.  Businesses of all types operating at full throttle.  Grocery stores, franchise operations, auto part stores, hardware stores, vegetable stands, newsstands, fruit stands, clothing stores, pizza, Chinese and a list of others that are too many to mention raking in billions right up under the nose of black men.

Now this strange scenario is carried out in every major city, in every commercial corridor in every community occupied by blacks.

While this is going on, all you see is black men riding up and down these same corridors in luxury automobile, dressed cool, playing their music with no understanding that they’re looking like fools. All the people that own those stores are laughing how stupid they look.

Booker T Washington wrote in his book “Up From Slavery” that black people use to spend their entire week’s pay of $14.00 to rent a buggy to ride up and down the street on Sunday’s in their best wares looking to impress falsely .  He wrote this book in 1901, 115 years go. We’re doing the same things today and we actually expect to advance as a people.  Jessie Jackson, “keep hope alive” doesn’t work here or anywhere.

There’s More

To aggravate this, we give churches billions every Sunday in these same communities and don’t own any real businesses in these communities.  I live in an area where one church on a Sunday takes in $175,000 and the church across the street takes in another $25,000 for a total of $200,000 and blacks don’t own one hot dog or taco stand in the main commercial corridors near the churches.

It’s white, Asians, Latinos, and Africans.  That’s right!  African men have come together and started the investment in one of the most lucrative franchise operations, Chick Fil A.  Where’s the black man, pulling up in his luxury automobile looking like a fool.

The plain reason why black men don’t invest and open up those businesses is because they don’t think they have any responsible for providing their communities with anything.  That’s another man’s responsibility, like White men, Asian men, Latino men and any other MAN.

And you have to ask yourself as I did at an African American Chambers of Commerce meeting, do black businesses support black businesses? The answer is no. They are business people but they are also consumers and I bet if you were to take a tally you will find that the bulk of the income that they bring in is spent with other people, not black businesses, especially those automobile and clothes that rule out the possibility of providing jobs.

So, Houston, we have a problem. How do we fix it?  Our future and the future of our children depends on it.

Another roost we don’t have any money

 Al Roche

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