Education or Not

black boy writing

It is amazing how many people get on the bandwagon when the school budget is cut.  It is the teachers and educators who want to make sure they can keep their jobs and the parents who think that the cut will lead to their child not learning.  Absurd!

System Has Been Failing For Decades

It’s no surprise to anyone that the system had been failing Black children for decades. Every year since the 1960’s, the system has been failing.  In the mist of this failure, the school district budget goes up, teachers and administrators get raises, better health plans, and unbelievable pension plans.

The question I’d like to ask is, what industry could continue to exist if they continue to produce an inferior product year after year after year.


Yet the School District of Philadelphia along with school districts across the country in Black school districts have done just that.

And. what’s even more amazing is that they were able to accomplish this with thousands of Black teacher, principals, superintendents, administrators and Black public officials standing by watching.

A stronger thought is that they were complicit.

So, What Are My Thoughts?

Well, first the system was designed to fail Black kids.  Who want a bunch of Black kids becoming educated and competing with other kids for jobs.  Are you kidding?  A number of things were done to ensure black kids would not learn but could not learn.

  • Come from a broken home
  • Did not have nutritional meals
  • Subject matter’s too difficult
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Oh, the color of their skin

Are you kidding me?.  If this was case then

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